Open English lesson
"In the world of Minecraft"
When: April 17 at 18:00 Berlin\Paris\Rome time
For children from 4 to 12 years old with an A1 level of English
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What is it?
learn more than 25 new English words and expressions from their favourite game, find friends with similar interests and take part in a quiz!
Absolutely free lesson on the YouTube platform from All Right School for children 6+, where your child will:
Lesson Features
Children will learn what materials are needed to build in Minecraft and what they are called in English. They will be able to challenge the creepers by using their language skills and show their wit in quizzes.
Survival mode:
After the materials are collected, the lesson participants will turn into real creators! We will learn words on the topic "My home" and create a dream house in our favourite game.
Creativity mode:
Why is the lesson useful?
Your child will learn 2 topics at once:
"My home" and "Materials" in English.
Practices listening
and reading skills
Will receive a guaranteed prize (check your e-mail after the lesson)
Who will teach your children?
  • Certified teacher with more than 5 years of experience
  • 5000+ successfully completed online classes
  • Hundreds of satisfied students who are already fluent in English
Meet Olena, the favorite teacher of All Right school students!

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"In the world of Minecraft" now!
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