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On the 28th February at 17.00 European time
IMPORTANT: Places are limited!
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What is it?
A completely free YouTube lesson from the All Right school for children aged 6 and up.

Your child will learn more than 25 new English words and phrases from their favourite game, find friends with the same interests and have the chance to win prizes!

Lesson features:
The kids will learn what materials they'll need to build in Minecraft, and the correct names for them. They will fight creepers, and use their knowledge of the language to answer quizzes!

After the materials are collected, the lesson participants will turn into real creators! We will learn words on the topic "My Home" and create a dream home in our favourite game.

Creative Mode
Survival Mode
English Adventures in Minecraft ___
___The child will learn 2 topics at once: "My house" and "Materials" in English

___Practice listening and reading skills

___Get a guaranteed prize! And the most active students will compete for the star prize - a MONTH of individual English lessons!
How do I sign up?
Fill out the form to register for a lesson (we will send a link to the lesson to your email) and get +1 individual lesson as a gift.