Terms: Start of the new school year
Terms of cooperation:
Shoot stories natively, in the format of your blog. Below, choose the phrases that suit your style, voicing in your own words (and also indicate them in captions on the video).

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✅We ask you to use audience interaction tools in your stories (stickers with reactions, polls, multiple choice tests, countdowns, your turn (a challenge where the audience can show a lesson from All Right), etc.) Choose the tool that suits your style of account introduction.
You need to create a story to describe the advantages of All Right as an international English language school and invite for a free trial lesson. Choose from the topics below the ones that match your personal style and state them in your own words for the video. It is important to note that all the benefits we indicate are actual and not just for advertising. All Right works hard to provide quality education to their young customers, as proved by their trust not only in your country, but in many countries around the world.
1st story: remind that you study English at the All Right school.
The new school year is starting soon - the time when your child will face the challenges of studying again. Get ready for a successful start, sign up for online English lessons now! Early learning will help strengthen the foundation and prepare for new knowledge. Offer your child an exciting and effective form of learning, where they can develop communication skills and prepare for successful achievements.

That is why you should continue or start studying at All Right - the best international online English school, where your child can study from anywhere in the world.

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2nd story: show a fragment of the child's lesson (how the child repeats English words after the teacher, rejoices at collected stars, etc.)
In the video, add captions with the advantages of the school, impressions of the child and a sticker with a reaction.
3rd story: the advantages of the school
Choose 2-3 benefits of the All Right school and tell your followers how important it is for children to have access to the best tools and resources to successfully learn English.

✔ In the lessons, the child receives knowledge that will be needed in real life: Create a foundation for your child's future success with AllRight - an online English language school, where the child develops language skills and creative thinking. Qualified teachers will ensure effective and exciting learning.

✔ It is more interesting for the child to learn in a playful way. All Right combines games, videos and teacher interaction for learning that your child will never get bored of. All Right understand your child's interests, whether it's animals, Disney princesses, Lego or Minecraft. With lessons that take children's interests into account, you don't have to force them to learn! They study with enthusiasm and pleasure, receiving 100% attention and doing interesting activities.

✔ Mom's reliable assistant in English lessons: All Right School has conducted more than 1 million English lessons around the world, helping children learn and improve speaking skills, and mothers - to get 25 or 55 minutes of free time for themselves.

✔ Lessons with English teachers at the All Right school help children quickly learn spoken language, with the help of gestures, facial expressions and interactive tasks, promoting the "perception" of words, as children learn their native language. That is why lessons entirely in English are effective for a child.Regularity of classes and a flexible schedule.

✔ Provide a flexible learning schedule for your child with All Right. Choose a convenient time for classes that suit you.

✔ Improving the chances of success in school: Our teachers can help your child better understand the studied material at school. This can improve academic performance and boost self-confidence.

✔ Communication with children from all over the world: Speaking Clubs at the All Right school are a nice bonus for children, where they can learn English by communicating with children from different countries. Each club has a teacher and 6-8 members of the same age, and exciting topics for discussion that broaden the worldview and introduce other cultures. Speaking Clubs also help develop communication and social skills that will be useful in the future.
4th story: an invitation to take a FREE trial lesson.
Book a unique opportunity for your child now - the first trial English lesson for free! Sign up using the link right now and give your child an unforgettable learning journey into the world of English. Knowledge of English will open many opportunities!

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Importantly! The link (swipe) will be sent to you a couple of days before the release of the ad.