Let's hunt witches and learn English!
English Marathon "Halloween"
for children from 4 to 12 years old with A1 level
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Start on October 24
What will we do at the marathon?
Learning English on the following topics: clothing and appearance of scary witches, things inside a spooky castle, Halloween decorations
Creative task: let's make a beautiful drawing to remember the Marathon
Daily bonuses and a GRAND prize draw - 8 English lessons
Our marathon is for those who:
Wants to learn more about the traditions of celebrating Halloween
Has English at a basic level and wants to improve it
Likes to study without leaving home
Is going to get high grades in school
Marathon schedule:
October 11-23
Introduction + bonus materials for preparation
October, 24 at 18 СЕТ
"Haunted house" lesson
October, 25
Homework check. Questions and answers
October, 26 at 18 СЕТ
"What to wear on Halloween?" lesson
October, 27
Homework check. Questions and answers
October, 28 at 18 СЕТ
lesson "Halloween Decorations"
Who will teach your children?
  • Certified teacher with more than 5 years of experience

  • 5000+ successfully completed online classes

  • Hundreds of satisfied students who are already fluent in English
Meet Olena, the favorite teacher of All Right school students!
The "Halloween" marathon is:
3 online English lessons with a teacher in the atmosphere of the most festive holiday of the year
Free materials and homework after every lesson
Live communication with children during the lesson and instant feedback
Why should you sign up your child?
After more than 5,000 children attended our open lessons, their parents heard: "Mom, I want to study English!"
We do not force, but teach through creative tasks and games! Your child will not get bored during lessons
It costs EUR 0, you receive bonuses + the opportunity to win a package of English lessons :)
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Places are limited
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+1 (650) 977 95 85