For children from 4 to 12 years old with an A1 level of English
"Mavka and Friends: English Adventures"
Open English lesson
When: 24 May, 18:00
(Berlin, Paris, Rome)
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Watch a fascinating English lesson about Mavka and other mythological creatures of Ukraine for children 4+ on our YouTube channel for free!

The lesson is about a forest nymph who invites children to her magical forest to meet her friends. But her friends only speak English, so kids will need to learn some new words and phrases.

They will learn about wild and magical animals, where they live, and play games to help them remember the new English words and phrases.
What is it?
The lesson will have:
A lesson based on Ukrainian mythology that will make your child part of an amazing adventure.
Learning new English words about nature, animals, and magic. (Don't forget, that we're going to explore the magical forest!)
Exciting word games to check how much your child has learned.
A surprise gift from Mavka for all participants in the end.
Why is the lesson useful?
The lesson will improve child's listening and reading skills
They will learn more about the culture and nature of Ukraine
They can connect with other children who share the same interests
They will receive not only new knowledge but also useful gifts for learning English
Who will teach your children?
• Certified teacher with more than 5 years of experience

• 5000+ successfully completed online classes

• Hundreds of satisfied students who are already fluent in English
Meet Olena, the favorite teacher of All Right school students!
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"Mavka: English adventure"
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