You are invited to a free online English lesson
Journey to the North Pole
On February, 20 at 18:00 Berlin\Paris\Rome time
Please note, the number of places is limited!
What's it all about?
A completely free YouTube lesson from All Right for children aged 6 and over!

Your child will embark on an exciting Arctic expedition! Once they reach the top of the world, they will explore the nature and wildlife of the north, learning over 30 useful words and phrases in English!
What will we do?
Flora and fauna of the Arctic

After the lesson, the children will be able to tell you about the birds, animals and plants that can be found at the North Pole! Thanks to learning 20 new English words about the nature of the north!
The format of a real trip!

We'll pack suitcases, choose transport and off we go! Your child will learn more than 10 useful expressions about travel: facts about icebreakers, the northern lights, and what to wear at the North Pole so they don't turn into an icicle!
Exciting and engaging grammar!

Boring extracts from textbooks are a thing of the past! We will learn using exciting formats, such as quizzes, games and contests! And we will be helped by a very helpful polar bear!
How do I sign up?
Give your child an exciting expedition trip to the end of the world!
Fill out the form to register for a lesson (we will send a link to the lesson to your email) and get +1 individual lesson as a gift.
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