"Park Picnic" Mission
For children from 4 to 12 years old
with an A1 level of English
Paw Patrol
Open English lesson
When: March 20 at 18:00 Berlin\Paris\Rome time
Fill out the form and join the lesson using the link which we will send.
An exciting Paw Patrol English lesson for children 4+ on our YouTube channel for free!

Your child will join their favorite characters on a fun mission in the park while learning new English words about the picnic, action words, and food words.

They will enjoy games and activities to improve their vocabulary, attention, and memory.
What is it?
Lesson Features
Fun and engaging lesson format that feels like a real Paw Patrol episode
Children will learn words related to the mission, such as "set up the tent" and "chase the raccoon"
The lesson includes a Kahoot quiz to test your knowledge
Three lucky winners of the lesson will get a speaking club as a prize
Why is the lesson useful?
The lesson will improve child's listening and reading skills
Children can practice their problem-solving skills as they help the Paw Patrol team complete their mission
They can connect with other children who share the same interests
The opportunity to win a speaking club as a prize can motivate your child to learn and participate
Who will teach your children?
  • Certified teacher with more than 5 years of experience

  • 5000+ successfully completed online classes

  • Hundreds of satisfied students who are already fluent in English
Meet Olena, the favorite teacher of
All Right school students!
The number of places is limited
"Park Picnic" Mission
Paw Patrol
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