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✅The main advantage is that your child learns English at All Right. Share your experience and promo code with your followers and invite them to a free trial lesson.

✅ The content of the advertisement must be agreed 3 days before posting. We are waiting for your response via email: partner@allright.com

✅ We need your permission to use the video in promotional materials for the school. Please confirm your consent by email.

✅In order for your post to attract more attention, please create additional Facebook stories where you announce that you have made an interesting post. Also add the swipe-up link tagging option.

✅ 24 hours after posting the ad, we recommend creating a reminder about us via Facebook story. You can post an image or short video from a lesson with the swipe-up link option tagged, as well as the promo code, pointing to the post in your feed. This will help you get the attention of your followers and increase the effectiveness of our collaboration. Please let us know in advance when you will post the reminder.

✅ Please turn the post into a pinned post to stay at the top of your feed for 7 days.
Important aspect:

1. The text of the post should not look like an obvious advertisement. It's good to look natural in your feed and take the form of "suggestions or recommendations", while keeping your personal style of communication with your audience.

2. You need to add the link tagged in the text of the post (we send it 3 days before posting) that links to the free trial lesson. It is important that the link is listed in the first part of the text. Also leave a comment on the post with the link, along with the invitation to sign up for the first free lesson with a teacher.

Recommendations for the presentation video:
1 The cover of the video post must explicitly state that it is an online school (child sitting at laptop or learning via mobile app - your choice).

2 In the gallery, add a video from the lesson where we see how the child feels in the lesson with the teacher. You can ask the child "How was the lesson?", "What did you like best?", "What new things and words did you learn in the lesson?".

3. Give a recommendation to the parents in your personal style, explaining why you have chosen the online education format and describing the main aspects that appeal to you.

4 We will book you a free lesson with a teacher for the video, for which you need to confirm the date and time in advance. You can also use our already prepared materials in the video.

Share the promo code with your followers, which gives a bonus on your first payment. We will send you a personal promo code and what bonuses it offers 3 days before the ad is posted. Write the promo code in the text of the post and recommend that it is written down or photographed so it is not forgotten.

To create the post, use these little facts about our school:
⚡ All Right is an international online English language school for children aged 4 and up.

⚡ You can study with teachers from the US and UK, as well as native speakers.

⚡ You can choose which teacher you want based on video presentations, syllabus, notes and reviews on the site, or with the help of our administrators. All teachers go through a rigorous selection process, have certificates and experience in children's education.

⚡ All Right's English curriculum is based on the Cambridge Communication Method. The main focus is active speaking, which encourages your child to communicate fluently in English. This is now considered one of the most effective learning techniques.

⚡We work every day, weekends and holidays! You make the school schedule! Lessons can be scheduled anytime, 24/7.

⚡ It's easy to get started! Leave a request on our website and an administrator will contact you. The first trial lesson is free for all our students!

⚡ By purchasing a lesson pack, you get access to interactive materials for each lesson, free access to Speaking Clubs, access to the mobile app and game play.

⚡ Lessons are individual. The teacher's attention is focused on your child. Individual lessons are designed with your child's interests, hobbies, knowledge level and age in mind. Lessons take place on our interactive platform. You can view your little one's progress in your personal account on the website or in the All Right app.

⚡ You can learn even if you don't have a computer. We have a mobile app for phone and tablet. The app is free for our school students.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros: partner@allright.com