Individual Terms of Reference
Terms of cooperation:
Shoot stories natively, in the format of your blog. Below, choose the phrases that suit your style, voicing in your own words (and also indicate them in captions on the video).

❗ Important! Regardless of the promotion theme you choose, the first and last story must match the scenario

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To make the video more interesting, you can use our instagram mask game
Make a video of the game and add it to stories. You can find the mask according to the instructions:
Story 1
Show the video of the first lesson. The video must be dynamic. Capture children's emotions from getting stars as he/she repeats after the teacher in English. Mention by voice or text that your child is learning English at All Right school.
If you do not have the time and opportunity to take a live lesson with a teacher, make a video with your child using a ready-made lesson recording:

❗Next, we suggest you choose what format of stories will be interesting for your audience, what to emphasize. Please consider the following possible story scenarios.❗

You can cover 1- 2 topics in 2-3 stories.
Stories 2-3
A child's dream or your dream as a parent

Ask your child why they like to learn English? Or why do you, as parents, dream that your child knows English well?

Tell about the features of the program, with which you can easily achieve your learning goals.
Achieving the goal with All Right is very easy, because learning is perceived as a quest, with each lesson it captivates the child more and more. Here are the highlights of the school that I like the most (of your choice):
⚡Lessons in an interactive classroom where you can draw, watch cartoons and videos, listen to songs, and play.
⚡Homework in an interactive form, the child doesn't get bored doing it.
⚡Knowledge that will be useful in real life: while traveling, watching movies in English, etc.

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School features
Tell about the versatility of the personal account: you can book lessons, attend classes online, track your child’s learning process and progress, and be always up to date. You have access to teachers' schedules to find out their free time and book a lesson for dates convenient for you. You are always in touch with the teacher.

Or talk about our handy “All Right” app: it helps to learn English in a playful way, and new levels open up.

Our advantages:
✅ Lessons are held in a playful way and are based on the interests of the student with the involvement of interactive tasks. The duration of the lesson is flexible and age-appropriate - 25 or 55 minutes, so the child is not distracted and does not get bored.
✅The school employs only certified teachers who have experience working with children and know how to make children fall in love with English. On the site, you can independently choose a teacher with your child, watch a video business card, or book a lesson.
✅ Noticeable result in just one month. Thanks to modern teaching methods, the child begins to speak the first English words from the first lesson. And after a month of studying, you will see the progress of the child according to their level of knowledge.
✅ In addition to individual lessons, you can attend Speaking Clubs. The schedule of Speaking Clubs is constantly updated and you can always find a topic of your child's interest.

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Child's feedback
Ask the child's opinion about the school and record the feedback on video.
Possible questions:
❓ Do you like studying at All Right?
❓ Has the fear of speaking English gone?
❓ What have you learned in class today?

You can compare classes at school with English lessons at All Right.
Show how the child spoke English before studying at All Right, and how they speak now.

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Last Story
Invite your followers to sign up for a trial lesson.

Sign up your child for the first free trial lesson - English will definitely come in handy for them in the future, especially when traveling to other countries. You will not only spend 25 minutes on a useful lesson, but also get to know a professional teacher and find out the real level of knowledge of your child. Especially for you, the school gave me a promo code. After the trial lesson, you can buy lessons at a great discount. Take a screenshot so you don't lose the promo code, and follow the link to book a trial lesson.

Video captions:
⚡Take a trial lesson and start learning today.
⚡All Right has a family discount.

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Your PROMO CODE will give a 10% discount to all NEW students only for lesson packages 36 and 72 lessons.

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