English with native speakers for children
1 on 1 lessons with full immersion in English
We teach according to Cambridge and CEFR standards with games, songs and stories
We help overcome the language barrier and fall in love with English
Learn English with fun
We replenish the child's vocabulary
We teach to perceive and understand the language by ear
We use games, songs and cartoons for easy learning
We don't force you to learn, but we make you fall in love with English
We regularly provide parents with feedback from the teacher
We teach with love without creating psychological barriers
Lack of psychological barrier
We motivate children to achieve success in education
Why lessons with a native speaker are effective
In Eastern Europe, the grammar-translation method, based on grammar and translations, is widespread. At All Right, we use games to motivate the child to speak, not to translate from the native language into English.
"Absorb" the language
The teacher uses gestures and facial expressions to explain words, tasks and to praise the child. It helps to get involved in the process and does not need a translation during the lesson.
Gestures instead of words
The child learns the material in context, and not with just detached words. Therefore, in our lessons there are many dialogues, songs, chants - "rhythmic" poetry to music.
Phrases instead of individual words
For us, each lesson is a small story, and stories are made up of large storylines - courses. It helps to cope with the difficulties of learning and engages the learner.
Everyone loves stories
Choose lesson topics according to the child's interests
Does the child like to learn interesting facts about animals? Then, together with Charlie the Fox, we will study animals in English.
Does your child love to create their own worlds or spend hours watching Minecraft streams? Let this hobby be more useful.
Is it impossible to step foot in your apartment without coming across the tiny details? We have created an entire LEGO world, so that the child can learn English in it.
We will not only learn the necessary grammar, but also spend time on sports terminology, catchphrases and commands.
Sports and dancing
Is it difficult for your cartoon lover to sit still? Thanks to our princesses, you won't need to persuade anymore. Each lesson is a small English adventure.
The program according to Cambridge YLE exam standards
After completing the block of lessons, the student will be ready to take the corresponding international Cambridge exam
YLE Starters
YLE Movers
YLE Flyers
Keys for Schools KET
100% money back guarantee for unused lessons
.+ free teacher substitution if required
We are loved and recommended by:
8 out of 10 students recommend us to their friends
There are finally not boring lessons where my son doesn't suffer! My son enjoys learning and boasts to me about what he has learned.
The teacher is amazing! My kids want to have lessons with her every day. She goes above and beyond helping kids get immersed in English having loads of fun.
I LEARN ENGLISH WITH ALL RIGHT! It's a spectacular experience for learning English I love the classes and the speakings clubs!
The teachers at All Right are attentive and inspiring professionals
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Hailey R.
Our teachers have experience working with children, they know how to keep a child's attention and understand the specifics of working with young students.
Cost of lessons
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Повний курс
72 уроки
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Знижка 1800 грн
Половина курсу
36 уроків
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12 lessons
Auto-renewal every month
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8 lessons
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