Let's learn English this summer!
• Virtual journey to 12 countries of the world

• Interactive tasks and puzzles

• 1-on-1 lessons with a teacher for 25 minutes
Complete 24 lessons
in 3 months and get
+5 lessons
as a gift
What your child will do on the course:
Visit the Salvador Dali Museum and learn how to describe paintings
Get to know traditional Chinese ceremonies and learn how to place an order in a restaurant
Go on a safari in Africa and learn the names of animals
Let's go surf and bask on the beach
Let's dive and get acquainted with the underwater world
Let's have a picnic on the beach, learn how to order ice cream and other sweets in a cafe
Summer in Minecraft
Summer in Minecraft

How the lessons are conducted

More fun than playing on a smartphone

Your child will take a virtual journey through 12 countries.

Together with our cheerful Charlie-the-Fox, we will visit a medieval castle in Edinburgh, the Salvador Dali Museum in Spain, cook pizza in Italy, and take a ride on a red double-decker bus in London.

Your child will collect a souvenir photo from each city, and also learn 30-50 new words and expressions in English on the journey.

Your educational plan

Individual lessons with teacher
Full course
.50 $
per lesson
One-time payment
24 lessons
Discount 48 $
Lessons of 25 minutes
International speaking clubs for free
Special conditions for military children
Yes, of course, in the summer your child needs rest. But they can practice at a comfortable pace and in their free time, without overloading the day.
For example, once a week for just 25 minutes. This way your child will remember the studied material, learn something new, and there will also be plenty of time to relax. Moreover, the summer course is more like entertainment than a lesson, and at the same time it broadens one's horizons and helps not to forget English
Your child is tired of lessons, it is better for your child to relax during the holidays
"It is wonderful that your child will visit their grandmother. That is why our school offers 25 minute lessons.

You would just need to show your child a couple of times how to log in to the lesson, and take our word for it - they learn it quickly, and with one phone call you can remind them to log in to the lesson"
Your child is going on vacation, visiting grandmother for the entire summer, and won't be monitored
We believe that excessive use of gadgets is not good for children.

That is why our lesson duration is 25 minutes. You can study 2 times a week.

Your child would want to play on the phone anyway - so it's better to use it with purpose
In the summer it is better for children to take a break from gadgets

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There are finally not boring lessons where my son doesn't suffer! My son enjoys learning and boasts to me about what he has learned.
The teacher is amazing! My kids want to have lessons with her every day. She goes above and beyond helping kids get immersed in English having loads of fun.
I LEARN ENGLISH WITH ALL RIGHT! It's a spectacular experience for learning English I love the classes and the speakings clubs!
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