Brief #6: Advertising on Instagram Stories
Terms of collaboration:
✅ Main idea: Your child is studying English at All Right School. You have already had the opportunity to appreciate the advantages of the school. Share your experience with the followers, give them the promo code and invite them to take a free trial lesson.

✅ Advertising consists of 5-8 stories (the number can be discussed).
You will need to add a 'Swipe-Up' link to the stories with answers about the school - put at least 4 swipes (we will send it 3 days before the advertisement).
You will need to tag our Instagram @allright_global on only one video with the lesson. Don't do it more than once!

✅ You need to display your PROMO CODE in one of the stories. To other stories you need to add captions, duplicating your words.

✅ Posting time: Stories must be posted between 9 and 12 am. Time can be discussed.

✅The advertising content needs to be agreed upon 3 days before posting. Make corrections if necessary. Email for sending materials:

✅ It is important that on this day you have no other ads (or our ad must be posted first) ❗

✅ Please save the story to Highlights or to a separate folder with promo codes, if available.

Beginning - lesson + question box
First story
1. Show how an individual lesson with a teacher goes.
2. It is necessary to show interaction with the teacher, the child must actively participate, complete tasks, answer teacher's questions.
3. The video should be dynamic, and also show what the classroom looks like.
4. Add a question box so that your followers can share their questions/thoughts about the lessons. Examples: "What would you like to know about English lessons?" / "Your thoughts about the lessons, and why don't you start studying English online yet".

After publishing the first story, wait 40-60 minutes so that your followers have time to ask their questions. Choose up to 5 of the most common questions and answer them while speaking to the camera. Key points should be additionally spelled out in text.

Add a tagged link to a swipe, where it would be more appropriate.

Main part - answers to questions + advantages of the school
Second, third and fourth stories
1. Answering followers' questions while speaking to the camera.
2. Additionally write the key points in the video with answers.

Final - PROMO CODE and invitation to sign up for a trial lesson
Fifth story
1. Talk about a free individual lesson with a teacher, motivate your followers to sign up for it.
2. Share your promo code. Remind your followers that it is better to screenshot the promo code so as not to lose it!
3. Add a tagged link to the swipe to sign up for a trial lesson.
The most frequent questions:
  • 💌 At what age? At what age do you recommend beginning?
    Classes are designed for children from 4 years old, but some tutors teach children from 3 years old.
  • 💌 Prices / How much does it cost per month?
    The price of individual lessons depends on the desired package of lessons (on the duration of the lessons and the type of teacher). As a gift, you get the same number of speaking club classes. Provide information about your promo code and the discount it gives. Emphasize that lesson prices can be viewed by clicking on the link in the swipe.
  • 💌 Duration, frequency / Is it possible to choose the day of the week?
    Lesson duration: 25 and 55 minutes. You choose the schedule yourself: the school is open every day (including weekends and holidays) 24 hours. You can choose how often your child will study: 1, 2 or 7 times a week. Lessons never expire, you can use them whenever you want. You do not need to drive your child to classes: lessons are held online, which will save you a lot of time. You can connect to the lessons from any device with Internet access: from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. If your child is away on a trip or just not at home, they can still study English.
  • 💌 Is it possible to always study with the same teacher?
    You can always study with the same teacher, and if their schedule does not suit you or you just want to change it, no problem: you will be assisted with finding another one. Each teacher has a presentation video in their profile, you can watch them and sign up for a lesson with the one you like most.
  • 💌 Are the teachers native speakers? / Do the teachers speak the local language?
    There are native speakers and bilingual teachers. If your child is just starting to learn English and you are worried that they will not understand anything, All Right has a solution: they have both native speakers and bilingual teachers, so if needed, they can explain the subject to your child in Spanish.
  • 💌 Do they adapt to the school educational program?
    In your personal account, you can communicate with the teacher: in case you need to cancel a lesson or study a particular topic. If your child needs to repeat lessons from school or do homework, let the teacher know about it, and they will follow the school curriculum without any problems and help significantly improve performance at school.
  • 💌 Are the lessons really personalized?
    Before the first lesson, you will be asked for all the necessary information: the child's age, their experience in studying English, hobbies and interests, what they like to do. The teacher prepares materials based on the information you provide, so classes are 100% personalized and will discuss topics that your child enjoys.